Saturday, 3 November 2012

A challenge to start things off

The other day I was talking with a couple friends about prepping.  I told them that I have a bunch of food that I keep around, now this isn't crazy level stockpiling, but just keeping the kitchen full of food.  I have a normal fridge, a small chest freezer and 2 cupboards of non perishables in my kitchen.  Nothing overly stocked, just full shelves.

The challenge: "Stockpile Challenge" I would like to try eating out of my basic kitchen for two weeks only purchasing the basics (eggs, bread, milk, and maybe some fresh vegetables/fruit from time to time)  I have a freezer full of frozen veg, cans of soup sitting in my pantry and a ton of flour that could be turned into cookies, bread, pancakes, etc.

The purpose:  To see if I have enough food in stock (minus the basics) to survive on for two weeks and how creative I can become with those items.  I have a ton of cookbooks, so I'm sure I can whip something up.  As well, save money on food purchases, and use up old stock and packaged meals so as to allow for a healthier restart of my diet.  (I eat too much packaged food >_< )

The timeline:  Two weeks.

The terms:  I can only purchase the basics (eggs, bread and milk.  As well as additional fresh fruit and vegetables) to supplement my food supply.  I will post a list of items purchased and the total cost.  I will also post about the various meals I have created, with recipes if applicable.

The challenge begins Saturday November 3, 2012 and runs until Saturday November 17, 2012

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